Har raat ki ek subah hoti hai,

Har rasta ek manzil ko le jaata hai,

Toh kahi tu hai khoya khoya sa,

Tu dare na iss duniya se,

Raasta milta hai sabko,

Manzil tak leke jaata hai tujhko.

Har sangeet mai ek dhun rehta hai,

Aur pahadon ki vaadiyon me nasha,

Toh kahi tu hai agar besura,

Toh wahi teri khoobi hai.

Wahi teri khoobi hai.

Raftar se kai gun zaroorat hai disha,

Yeah toh tu jaan le ache se,

Vakth toh rehta hai sabke paas,

Lekin saath deti hai jo usse gale mile.

Duniya se ishq karne se pehle,

Karle tu pehle khud se pyaar,

Kya pata tu kal ka din sochte soche,

Aaj ka din gava dega ?

Dil aur dimag ek rakh,

Jaise do jism ho aur ek jaan,

Raasta milta hai sabko,

Manzil tak leke jaata hai tujhko.


Free MIT Open Courseware for network Security enthusiasts.

As most of us are aware that MIT OCW or the Open Course ware has been of great help for quite a good period of time in order to get the maximum out of the knowledge that the institution offers.

Thank me later ­čśë

If there is a regret now, it could have been much better then.

After passing out in 2015, i sometimes regret or admit the fact that things could have been shaped up much better if i wouldn’t have bumped up into some circumstances. Every day could have a a little productive at least. Just a small teenie tiny feeling that Can i relive that past now ? No i can never. One day, one of my friend’s father told me something that really struck me through and kept me thinking for a long time. Don’t do things for which you will only regret later. And as i thought, it reflected upon many many incidents in my daily life. I wanna thank him for that the next time i meet him.

Everyday is an attempt for becoming better, an attempt to think fearlessly and deal with situations.


A son’s words to his mother !

A late post. I know mother’s day is long gone but wrote this small poem for mom on mother’s day. Its in Hindi. Really sorry but can’t translate it into English.

Ek maa hi hai jo janm deti hai woh hum jaise insaaon ki,
Ek maa hi hai jo apne laadle ko de sachha pyar.

Kadar toh hum bohot kam karte hai usko,
Hame jamn dene ka ehsaan kabhi nai chuka paayege usko.
Haan ek maa hi hai wo, ek maa hi hai wo.

Ek maa hi hai jo hame pyaar kare zindagi bhar,
Bhagwan ke virudh vo chale jaati, hua ho agar kuch bhi uske laadle ko,

Dard jab hota hai toh pukaarta hai tu maa ka naam,
Toh khusiyon me bhi kabhi pukar liya kar.
Kyuki ek maa hi hai woh jo deti hai Tera saath.
Teri kushi ke liye kaam karti hai din raat.
Kushiyon me bhi Dede uska saath.

Tera kal ke liye wo aaj bhooki rehti hai,
Bhagwan bhi na shayad aisa kar sake.
Teri khuda Teri saamne khadi hai.
Gale lagale abhi use.

Vaada kar usko aaj,
Ki zindagi bhar mai hoon tere saath,
Tu maane ya na maane,
Tera pehla pyaar hai maa, pehla pyaar hai maa.

Aa raha hoon mai aapke charaon me
Sulado mujhe aapke godh me

Likhne ke liye toh chote se shabdh kuch nahi hai maa ke liye.
Bas tu pyaar dete reh, dete reh.

Teri khuda Teri saamne hai,
Jaa gale laga le aaj use.

Inside the WhatsApp encryption system !

Yaay ! Cheers to Facebook for bringing out encryption in WhatsApp messages. It was like in my 2nd year of undergrad where me and my friend Vaibhav researched on how to hack into whatsapp and read other peoples messages. Since at that time, WhatsApp didn’t have any encryption. All your messages till yesterday were sent in open text format. Yes, the text format of notepad.

Governments and other spying agencies used to enjoy our chats without much effort. Infact anyone could read your message if you are connected with a Wi -Fi network from his mobile phone. Yes, it’s possible but we not be going over there :p

No worries now, since we have got encryption. Woo Hoo !!

Now what happens to our messages. As WhatsApp have already told you that it’s an end to end encryption which means that no one can intercept your messages at any cost.

Well, the whole encryption saga for WhatsApp started around mid 2014. Open Whisper systems developed this encryption for WhatsApp (No, not Facebook devs). Open Whisper systems uses it’s open source software called TextSecure. It’s owned by Twitter by the way. Anyone can use this software if the developer is willing to put some security in his chatting application.

TextSecure uses a number of algorithms, obviously. The primitive or the base algorithms that are used are CURVE25519, AES256, HMAC-SHA256.  Am sure all the engineering Computer Science undergrads have heard the terms AES and HMAC-SHA.

Well from these primitives, the double ratchet algorithm comes into place along with a 3DH Handshake. Normally, the AES is said to be one of the most toughest encryptions. So you can imagine the level of security given to your lovely messages now. But one aspect still makes we wonder. TextSecure has been designed not even to expose chats in screenshots. But if your chats are being captured, am sure it must have been tailored.

All we can say is that, go ahead and text worry free. But the threat still loombs. If you have ever read the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, then they indirectly say that they can access all of your texts. Well, that will apply even if you are under encryption. And also, if the government of a particular country wants to keep an eye of their citizens, they might just give the access to it. But consider yourself safe other than these cases :p

Cheers !!

All you need to know about the Panama Papers Leak !

A day ago, many big shots from across the globe were exposed regarding the topic of tax evasion. Around 2.6 terabytes of documents were leaked by a world renowned firm to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists by Mossack Fonseca.

It’s ┬ánot rocket science to understand the situation over here. In simple words, governments of different countries have a rule of how much money they can take to foreign lands per year. And they also have a policy regarding setting up or incorporating companies over there. It will be a pretty long day explaining about each country’s policy. Since am a resident of India, i shall have my take over here.

Until 2004 Reserve Bank of India had a policy that they should not allow the rupee to take anywhere outside the Indian teritorry. After much discussions with the rich lads and considering the globalization into the frame, RBI decided to allow 25000$ per year per Indian resident. You can do literally whatever you want with that money. Even go and dump it in the grand canyon. But Indians were denied of incorporating companies with that money. The limit went on increasing year by year and the current limit became 250000$ per year per Indian resident.

The problem comes here. Mossack Fonseca is a Law firm based from Panama. What it does is pretty straight forward. They create enormous amounts of compaines in no time. And people from all over the world “Take over it” and hence they are not incorporating them.

Now, Indian residents started to buy these companies just like shares. They have quite successfully found a way to evade a good amount of tax. RBI became concerned about this issue and started investigations on this.

Reserve Bank of India then stated in a written document that Indian residents are not allowed to either buy or incorporate companies abroad. But it was too late. many Indians successfully invested their money to evade enormous amount of tax. Upon further investigation, it was found that there were certain amount of companies that even invested before 2004 which was a clear violation of the RBI’s policy. All these people who have done so were exposed yesterday in this list.

It is indeed an alarming situation. Of course we know that we Indians are tolerant and will let go of this topic as quick as possible. In other parts of the world especially in Iceland, it may lead to a huge political crisis. The Pakistan’s prime minister family hold millions of worth real estate in off shore accounts.

A study by a professor at UC Berkely shows that the total evaded amount in Tax haven, Panama would sum up to 7.6 trillion dollars atleast. That’s a lot of money.

Some names to take out – Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya rai, Leo Messi (Yes !) , Jackie Chan, Nico Rosberg. Many other government officials come under the list.

And this is just one list. There are many more suck firms like Mossak who are into this business. Imaging the money ivaded if we had a clear amount.

Anyways, let’s get back to our normal lives and act as if nothing has happened.

Significance of AMG in Mercedes !

Many of us around here turn heads when a merc passes by. Those distinctive curves, the majestic feel are sure to grab attention in the crowd. As a ametur car enthusiast, i would like to tell you guys something more about these babies. Next time you see a merc, look out for the badge AMG on it.

If you spot one such car, then you are looking at one of the finest machinery ever made by man on this planet. Yes, AMG has an intensive significance, not just like a brand, but the value for its quality engineering. If you are a mechanical engineer, these topics will drool you out for sure.

So what does AMG stand for.

A – Aufrecht

M – Melcher

G –┬áGro├časpach

Aufrech and Melcher are the founders of the company. Just like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple.┬áGro├časpach is the birth place of Aufrecht. And hence the name, AMG.

Mercedes has a Formula one team also which is managed by our very own favorite F1 driver, Niki Lauda. Every year, 2 distinctive F1 cars are made by the AMG division itself. Through thorough research and development, it takes around 6-8 months to come up with one F1 car engine. Just perfect to go and triumph in the championships.

Well, AMG is a fine tuning division of cars. While every other manufacturer gets its cars fine tuned by third parties, Mercedes has its own. Mercedes-AMG. The engies are made by artists cum engineers. Every engine is just made by one man. One man – One engine – AMG. Every engine of AMG is badged with the signature of the engineer who made it. Only 50 engineers in the world make the AMG engines. You can understand the novelity now.

I can go on praising it but when it comes to quality research and development in cars, Mercedes has a big advantage because of AMG.

Watch this beautiful experiment to demonstrate the build quality of AMG cars by none other than Micheal Schumacher


Have a great day ! Keep glued on for more interesting posts ! Cheers !



To become anything might be a walk in the park. You cane be anything mediocre if you don’t have a dream or a goal.

Once you start having goals means that you wanna be something. To wanna be something, you pay a price. You start giving your time and energy towards that something.

Don’t just do anything. Do something.

Heer aur Ranjha ki Kahani !

Dil me rakhta hai tu heer
Aur ban jaata hai tu kyu raanjha
Tu khojta hai laakh usko
Par ullu ko na aata samajh.

Ki dil me Hi hai woh,
Woh tu dhoond raha jo Iss zamane me.
Woh tujhi me thaa,
Tujhi me tha.

Maloom hai sabko,
Ki kitni jhand hai zindagi,
Lekin darta kyu hai apna ye dil ?
Aakhir itna darta tu kyu hai

Jo raah pe darr basta hai,
Chunta hai tu wahi.
Sab usme magn base hai.
Darr me sab magn base hai.

Likh saake tu apni khud ki kahani.
Kisi aur ke kahani me tu putla kyu hai.
Darr ka putla rehta badi saavla.
Rang chadha tu banke utavla.

Rakhe dil me hai tu heer
Na bann raanjha.
Jise tu dhoond raha hai.
Woh tujhi me hai, tujhi me hai.


To Be Continued ….