“Wings Of Fire”


Just done with reading the famous book of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s autobiography, Wings of Fire.

And i should admit, the book should be read by each and every Indian …. literally.

The book is like virtually living with Dr.Kalam as he shares his story of life right from his childhood in Rameshwaram, his childhood experiences, his fathers and brother in law’s inspiring moments, his education at Madras Institute of Technology, his inspirational lecturers, his turning point in joining aeronautics and working in HAL. Then the most vital moment of his life was being taken into ISRO by Prof. Vikram Sarabai, and there were many such moments where he shared mainly about his experiences with the SLV-3 project till the moment where the Rohini Satellite was put into space, winning the Padma Bhushan. The year in which he was transferred to DR-DO as a director and how he initiated IGMDP, the five indigenous missile project , Prithivi, Agni, Nag, Trishul and Akash, and the moment he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan.

Although this was the listings mentioned in the entire book, he gave many examples of effective leadership and greatly stressed on innovation and making India , a developed nation by 2020.

A true inspiring personality, and i personally suggest all my friends to read the book in order to learn about Dr.Kalam and his views and perspectives.

Reading this book was itself a great EXPERIENCE and i am willing to abide his values in my life also. i wrote this article as soon as i closed the last page of the book and was pretty psyched

Live positive, Get inspired !

Cheers !!



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