The Law of Attraction !

In the recent times, i have seen the movie called ‘ The Secret ‘ by Rhonda Bryne  and i must admit, it was a sheer masterpiece. It clearly explains human psychology and most importantly ” The Law of Attraction “. Now you guys must be thinking … “Is it an equation or a math formula or a physics law ?”  Its as simple as this “Whatever you want, you will get it ! ” . Confused ? Even i was in a fix that how can a human being get whatever he wants? But its true. You should see the movie for a better clarity but i will explain it myself here.

Its like whatever you think of buying like a sports car or a mansion, you just have to concentrate on only that particular thing. You have to keep thinking about it. You have to start living in what you think. Focus on that dream of yours in every breath and you will get it for sure.

Now the most important ….. How does it work ??

Simple answer….. when you start to think about what you want, you will definitely at some point of time think that ” How to approach towards it ? ” And when you get this thought, remember that you are still thinking upon your goal or the dream. And this is the crucial time when you wander about how to get to this dream…. that’s it . That’s the key.

When you put your dream into action, you are in a state of invincible. I mean not physically,  but within you, you get that fire power right enough to achieve it . Now i literally mean “no conditions applied”. You still think about it, you get closer and closer day by day or i can say you are getting “attracted”. Now the rest you can predict i guess.

That, my friends, is the “Law of Attraction”.

Cheers !!


2 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction !

  1. Sounds really nice, but here’s what bothers me – I think there’s another thing that needs to be added to mere desire. Don’t you think that this great zeal and focus towards a goal should be followed with some sort of ‘self-modifying behavior’?

    I mean, you could be 100% passionate and focused on a thing. But, if you aren’t constantly analyzing your effort, being aware of your mistakes, looking for areas of improvement… you probably wouldn’t get there.

    And this factor is independent of how concentrated you are, on any dream.

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