The Art of Living !

This was during my 9th class in Vijayawada where my physics teacher was teaching some off subject matter regarding life when suddenly he asked

“Kids, what is the art of living ?”

The whole class was looking at his face as if he asked a question in rocket science. But yeah, they were really puzzled what to answer. After a long pause, he said ” OK, if you don’t answer i will ask someone randomly” and he pointed at a girl and told to  answer. She continued….

“Sir, whatever we do in life we have to leave a mark, a trail so that people will recognize you and praise your work even after our death. That is the art of living. ”

He said “good ! ” But there he was, not quite satisfied with the answer, the expression was clearly conveying that. He told a boy, one of my best friends, to answer the question.

After few seconds he told (in a posh way) ” sir, its all about how you enjoy each and every moment and live your passion. ” The professor smiled and was searching for another student to answer it when a part of a class from the boys section started shouting a guys name and he was quite surprised by that. So the teacher asked the boy “OK boy, tell me , Whats art of living?”

And the reply came

Sir, if a painter wants to draw a painting, first he will think of a nice picture, he thinks the exact way to picture it and starts painting it with full passion, joy and love. The effort he puts in REFLECTS his output, the painting. He makes a flawless piece of art and when people see it, they appreciate it a lot, with the same love. The effort his puts in in painting the picture is the input and the love and appreciation he gets in return is the output. In simple, this is the art of living”And he stopped. The whole class was in total silence when suddenly the teacher starts clapping and eventually the whole class starts to clap along. You can guess what might have happened next.


PS : the boy who told it was myself


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