3 Good Habits u must have to have a great life !

blog post 3 thing to have a good lifeWe hear a lot of people, be it our friends or our relatives telling us about life and how tough it is to survive outside, in this busy world. True that the world doesn’t even give a damn to what we are doing unless you catch the attention of them by doing extraordinary work.

In my opinion, however you be yourself, you got to have some basic qualities in order to lead a good time with your friends and organizing your time in a more reliable and productive way. After all you have to taste and experience everything in your life, you just can’t get stuck up to one way of living. So here are some basic habits that you try to cultivate as fast as possible.

Be positive

Optimism plays a crucial role in your attitude. Always try to take things more lighter, do not keep much thought where you think you shouldn’t get involved. I suggest you to stay calm n cool in such situations, things will fall apart and come to a feasible conclusion. Always stay positive about your work, never take unnecessary stress, if you are stuck up or if you are being pressurized by your environment, take a deep and a cool thought and sort it out step by step, analyse each moment, and you will find out a solution for sure.

One good tip to stay positive the whole day is to have positive thoughts about yourself by recollecting some inspirational moments of your life. By doing this, your day will kickstart in a great way for sure.

Stay focused

Being focused doesn’t mean being serious the whole day so that your friends might think that something’s wrong with you. No ! It’s nothing like that. Keeping a good track of your work, planning each and every step, can bring you good focus to your work. Avoid distractions completely. If you need to talk to your girl friend urgently, go do that first, tell her that you are upto something really that means you a lot, she will obviously understand you.

I just took an example above, but the meaning i want to convey here is ” Give your 200% in what you do”, dont bother what the world is upto, they wont bat an eye on you if you mind your own business. Stay focused.

Keep Balance

My dear friends, last but not the least, BALANCE is the key !! To each and every thing in this universe. From the rotation of earth, to a small atom in a chemical, each and everything is balanced. Without balance, nothing exists. Thats not my rule, its nature’s rule.

If you want to do multile things during your day, like studying for your semester, going for the gym, playing football, dating your girl, everyting is possible if you have balance. Prioritize your work, go through your goals and dreams once in a day to make atleast aware of your self why are you alive, work on it and keep balance. Do justice to each and every work ! You might find yourself lost at some point of time, but then you will realize that you are the only one who is going the right way !

Cheers !


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