Read About the World’s Largest Family !!!

Some where in a village in Mizoram, India there is a village called Tlangnuam Baktawng  which houses about 300 families and 2000 followers of the Christian denomination known as the ‘Lalramkawngpuizawhtu’.

The head of this Christian sect is, a 69 year old practicing polygamist, surrounded by a gaggle of women round the clock. According to sources and family members, Ziona has 39 wives, 86 children, 14 daughters in-law and 34 grand-children all living under one roof in a huge mansion which they lovingly call ‘Chhuanthar Run’ meaning ‘House of the new generation’. All together, the 174 members of the Ziona family live in Chhuanthar Run or in short (C.T.R), a rather military-like fashion.

Ziona, the head of the family, owns Tlangnuam Baktawng village, Chhuanthar Stadium, Chhuanthar primary school, Chhuanthar High school, poultry farms, piggeries and vegetable gardens but the bulk of his income comes from his profitable furniture business, for at the end of the day, Ziona is a carpenter.

Ziona’s family eats the vegetables that they grow. The plantations include spinach, cabbage, mustard, chilly and broccoli using natural and pig-based manure. The family normally consumes 50 kilograms of rice for lunch and 40 kilograms for dinner, altogether using 90 kilograms per day.

Its really a great fact to know that the largest family in the world comes from India, Mizoram.

I sincerely respect this your sir, for maintaing such a great family and i wish you all the best in your future. Hats off !!!

Source : Wildfilmsindia


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