My First Android Application – NoteHub !

Today, it was something memorable, 15th Jan 2014, i completed building my first ever android application. 1 month of video tutorials, finally paid off.

The application i made was a very simple one and i guess many of the programming geeks would have made plenty like these but it’s still an accomplishment for me.

It’s called NoteHub, a simple note making application which creates, saves and deletes notes in plain text format. It was a joint effort by me and one of my besties, Aarti. We used to sit and listen the tutorials for hours with patience and eagerness to design this andsay it out to the world that yes, we too are in the Android App Development band wagon.

Its just in the beginning stage, Android is a vast subject and you need to have a very very good programming background to mendle with all on your own. My suggestion is to check out courses at and try to grasp the concepts told by them.

Android is all about Java.

Here’s a photograph of the completed application in the android SDK. I haven’t made this compatible to all the android versions so am not uploading the apk file.

NoteHub, my frst android application.
NoteHub, my frst android application.

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