The most motivating Hashtags of your Life !!


Today’s trend in Facebook and Twitter? Its hashtagging !

According to me hashtag is a tag which relates to the content of your post you typed. For example if you write “Didn’t buy a gift for my friends birthday. Don’t know what to do” , then it is appropriate to keep an hashtag like #worried or #confused.

It basically described the present, past or futrure events directly or indirectly related to you.

Now that i explained you about hashtagging, when it comes to the concept of life, it is always two this you need to tag up #THEBESTISYETTOCOME and #THEPURSUITOFHAPPYNESS.

According to my recent observations in my occurences of my life, i have always felt motivated with small accomplishments also. These two hash tags will surely help you a lot in realizing your dreams.  I may take time to see which direction we will be heading to but ultimately the apex goal will be reached.


Frankly speaking, never quench your thirst by small achievements, think bigger much more bigger and pave your path right away. Feel superb that you have come this far, be glad that the universe in kind enough to let you do your work.

If you have done something good, think of something greater, if you have done the greater, leap for the greatest, remember always that the best of you will always punch you somewhere around the corner to go and grab the best. Stay hungry …. hungry for goals…. hungry for achieving your dreams !!!!


What is the point in doing something which you don’t like to do ? Now, you may argue at this point that there will be many times in life where you will be locked up with responsibilities and you may end up complaining “How can i do what ever i want when there are things locked up with me?”

I do completely agree with those points but there’s a famous quote which one of my professors always stress upon when we couldn’t  finish our homework. He says “Never end up with REASONS, end up with RESULTS.”

Take time for your self, which is 100% vital, and WORK WORK towards it, yes if you got responsibilities, take some off-time and double you Dedication in doing your stuff.

When you find yourself frustrated at any point of time, remember the happiness you will get when you finish, think of that moment and move on… and on…. always look for happiness, find happiness in whatever you do.

Don’t ignore anything in this world, you may not know when you will discover that moment which you always thought of.  The moment of happiness….

Cheers !!


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