monopole magnet

From the basics of physics in magnets, we all have known that magnet has two poles and when its broken up into two pieces , it forms two di-pole magnets. Well thanks to technology, its not anymore like that. Yes, its history now.

Scientists believe that a magnetic mono-pole – a magnet with just one pole should be present. However, there is no physical evidence but a synthetic model has been engineered, giving us an opportunity to explore more.

A magnetic mono-pole, in other words, is like an electron consisting of magnetic charge. Researchers managed to simulate the behavior in an ultra cold material, similar to that of a natural magnetic system.

To achieve such a state, rubidium atoms were cooled to a billionth of a degree above absolute zero

They used one rubidium atom to mimic an electron, and then created the magnetic field of a mono-pole by changing the alignment of rubidium atoms.

The discovery of a natural mono-pole would frame up a key evidence to the Grand Unified Theory which is the greatest goal of physics which deals with….. The four fundamental forces of nature, Electromagnetism, The strong and weak nuclear forces, Gravity.


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