NSS Camp – Fun | Frolic | Experience | Memory

So this weekend GITAM University took the initiative of conducting a camp for educating school children ,fishermen and women from the slums of Jalaripeta in Vishakhapatnam. Represnting the National Service Scheme, GITAM University unit, the department of Computer Science Engineering set forth the campaign headed by SVG Reddy sir on 28th and 29th March 2014.

The 2 day camp was worth an experience. We were in a government school teaching the little kids the basics of maths, teaching them computer handling basics, showing them some simple science experiments and the best part is playing and singing along with them. Truly touching moments as we interacted along with little and poor children of the slums.

Saree painting, mat making and pot making were demonstrated by the girls which was indeed a great hit. Hundreds of women crowd from the surrounding area came and witnessed the beauty of crafts which was displayed by the girls.

Boys did their part by showing them laptop demonstrations, teaching Photoshop to the youth, conducting elocution competitions to the children was again a great event.

The 2 day camp ended up leaving behind a good memory.



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