Reusable Rockets ?? Kidding ??

Everyone must have known about NASA and ISRO, space organizations. Today’s article will be something related to space research.

If if I ask you like how does a rocket work exactly, you would tell something like this.
A rocket is also known as a vehicle for carry satellites or in general, a payload which even consists of experimental material in order to conduct any missions in space.
Till now, we have all been in a myth that rockets are non reusable. Once a rocket goes into an orbit and releases the satellite its job is done, all the components of the rocket other than the payload are destroyed. This was the present scenario till now of all the space missions. But technology has evolved so much and as we move on into the advancements of the research in rockets, thanks to SpaceX, we got something amazing here to show you.

Now for all who are not aware of what spaceX is, it is a transport services company. It was founded by former PayPal entrepreneur and Telsa motors CEO, Elon Musk. SpaceX was founded with the goal of reducing space transportation costs.

SpaceX has recently come up recently with a fantastic project of REUSABLE ROCKETS. The Falcon 9 R or the F9R is the first of its kind to introduce re-usable rockets.
Technologies like these will be the future of space transportation. SpaceX has been spending a lot of time on working with the re-usable rockets and the mega task of Life on mars.
Well, to my knowledge, these guys and impressed me a lot with their work. Let’s hope for the best in the upcoming times.

Here is the link of the FR9’s latest test of 250 meters. Amazing work.


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