As i look upon this life i have, i realize there is much more, more than the infinity multifold that i have to witness.

So one fine morning i gear up and ride on. Ride on limitlessly, crossing the city, the sub urbs, the country side and loop up myself into the ghats, manuver every hairpin with passion and ride on till i reach a valley, a valley so serene, so pure, nascent. I halt for a moment among the dwindling nature surrounded by a strange new land, full of plush green grass, blossoming flowers, mesmerizing climate and take a deep cool breath and relish every second of my life from then.

And as i ride on further, i find myself in between the valley, with a small road, stretching infinitely ahead. I take out my helmet and let the breeze touch my face and go through my hair. As i gaze on, i find a tree, a tree so big, and so green that i stop and walk till there.

I sit under the tree for a moment and close my eyes. A few minutes later, i loose myself completely to the nature. I hear the water flowing through a small stream. I hear the leaves waving around the tree. I hear the birds chirping among. I hear the insects moving around. Everything came to a stand still. I was stoned by mother nature. I open my eyes and relish the view, the beauty in front of me. The valley, so green, quiet and pure, a tear drops and rolls down my cheek.

Yes, that’s the moment i realized, life is a wonderful gift.


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