Sing the unsung heroes !

As I woke up today lazily, my roommates were telling me bro, you are the only one to get ready now. And there’s no water. They say it will take an hour. I opted to wait up and go late but fresh to the office.

An hour passed. The whole area seems to have no proper water. Thousands of residents are now without water for a day now. Was just thinking, what if this goes on to 2-3 days. What if we don’t get water for a week. Then, the chaos starts.

When Vizag was struck with HUD HUD, it was just like going back to the medivial times where water and other necessities were not at our disposal.

And when all these thoughts came to a flash, I realized the people who work behind all this. Of course there will be some supervisors but the main field work for fixings will be done by unsung workers. Imagine if the worker who’s fixing our pipeline would realize that he’s saving the day for thousands of people. But he won’t. Cause all he’s worried about going back home taking care of his family by the daily wage. Drink a peg and get ready for another day.

Likewise, imagine the workers who toiled so hard and made such strong buildings and all they get to sleep is under a tatched roof. So discriminating it feels when we think of it. Lot of people may argue that it’s the economy that is set like that. But why ? Can’t we just think about this a few minutes ?

Personally I never wasted food till date and am proud of it. It may be over eating for a day but am at least respecting that farmer who worked day and night for months to put that morsel of rice in our bellies. And that is something truly unconditional and exceptional. They deserve much more than what we do. But sadly that’s not happening. We are too busy in our lives. Maybe I’ll even forget about this after writing this post. Sad. But the least, the least I could do is not wasting food and water cause someone else worked their ass off for doing this.

The rich are getting richer, the poor are stagnant and lowly. Dignity of labour is a joke in our country.

We earn lakhs sitting in our plush rooms and offices. The people who burn in the heat are neglected and grounded. Think about this once.

Try to respect these unsung heroes and if possible make them sung. We need them to be famous. We need them glorified and dignified.


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