Significance of AMG in Mercedes !

Many of us around here turn heads when a merc passes by. Those distinctive curves, the majestic feel are sure to grab attention in the crowd. As a ametur car enthusiast, i would like to tell you guys something more about these babies. Next time you see a merc, look out for the badge AMG on it.

If you spot one such car, then you are looking at one of the finest machinery ever made by man on this planet. Yes, AMG has an intensive significance, not just like a brand, but the value for its quality engineering. If you are a mechanical engineer, these topics will drool you out for sure.

So what does AMG stand for.

A – Aufrecht

M – Melcher

G – Großaspach

Aufrech and Melcher are the founders of the company. Just like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple. Großaspach is the birth place of Aufrecht. And hence the name, AMG.

Mercedes has a Formula one team also which is managed by our very own favorite F1 driver, Niki Lauda. Every year, 2 distinctive F1 cars are made by the AMG division itself. Through thorough research and development, it takes around 6-8 months to come up with one F1 car engine. Just perfect to go and triumph in the championships.

Well, AMG is a fine tuning division of cars. While every other manufacturer gets its cars fine tuned by third parties, Mercedes has its own. Mercedes-AMG. The engies are made by artists cum engineers. Every engine is just made by one man. One man – One engine – AMG. Every engine of AMG is badged with the signature of the engineer who made it. Only 50 engineers in the world make the AMG engines. You can understand the novelity now.

I can go on praising it but when it comes to quality research and development in cars, Mercedes has a big advantage because of AMG.

Watch this beautiful experiment to demonstrate the build quality of AMG cars by none other than Micheal Schumacher


Have a great day ! Keep glued on for more interesting posts ! Cheers !




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