The Story Section !


Every soul has a story, every moment has life, each breath you take, you leave behind a memory, some maybe good some may be bad. But we always project the best of the times we had in our lives. This page is dedicated to those times that i would remember my whole life. These events changed my life style, my attitude and the way i perceive things too.

The Story Behind this Blog !

EntrEprEnEur ….. The letter with 4 e’s , and a single “p”. What i can bring out from it is that you have to be positive all the time and put your Effort and Excellence. Umm…. i’ll figure out the remaining e’s later. Okay keeping the jokes apart, lets talk now ! Now you may be thinking what i want to tell here and what is the purpose of this blog ! Oops ! Did i sidetrack from the topic ? Nope i guess not. The sole purpose of me blogging here is not at all to improve my English, not at all to impress a girl, not at all preparing a good resume or preparing for some GRE stuff, neither am cared of my Spelling Mistakes, but i came out as a virtual ME ! Here i will be telling you folks my EXPERIMENTS and EXPERIENCES ! AAah !! there you go I the remaining 2 e’s came out finally ! Gosh ! I have a memory problem !! Never mind, …… My Bad !

But the word “Entrepreneur” here is stressed as being an Entrepreneur of my life, a well planned and organized one where i review my progress each day, every day and set my goals to make and shape a perfect EntrEprEnEur within me.

Well you can take those above lines as one of my purposes for starting up this blog but there really isnt any story to narrate you regarding this. My best buddy Vaibhav( and me thought of creating blogs so as we can write english well at least. That died down hours later however. It was me who took the big step first(becoming a bakra) and went ahead in creating my first blog ever Experiments and Experiences !

Seriously i had a tough time at first in pooling up content but eventually i gave me real happiness and today, here i am, with the world, sharing my part to you.


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