People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do !!!

The Brains behind CHS
The Brains behind CHS

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For quick briefing about CrazyHeads, its a start-up founded by four engineering graduates from GITAM University which was officially started on February 8th 2013. The brains behind this startup were Vaibhav, Vineet, Bharat and Raviteja. Initially we were just four but now its running with a team of 50 members from all over the country. It has been featured in The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and many other local news papers. It is one of those few start-ups in the world which is recognized by Microsoft and its also called a Microsoft Bizspark Start-up. The sheer determination and dedication shown by the team led us to the title of “Vishakhapatnam’s Best Emerging Start-up”. So how did this all started ??

Deccan Chronicle coverage
Deccan Chronicle coverage
CHS Coverage @ Eenaadu
CHS Coverage @ Eenaadu
CHS Coverage @ The Inian Express
CHS Coverage @ The Inian Express

It all started with the “Fraanship  Factor” !!

It was in our first year of engineering, when the smartphones were just in. People were seen flaunting their phones with pride and one such guy was my bro, Vaibhav( The story of our friendship was really a unique one for sure. We were introduced with each other by our senior Raj Praneeth and we were kicking off soon together with a robotics project for Technozion 2011 at NIT Warangal. We made a team of five, a great one i must say and started building an all terrain rover. There was this small little madness among st all of us that made us build a very unique design and we could make it to the finals in the competition.  Done with that stuff, back home ….


A picture of Discovering Android depciting the changes in android bot !
A picture of Discovering Android depciting the changes in android bot !

And i guess i deviated a lot here so let me come back. Vaibhav came up with a unique idea for creating such a portal where we can see everything about android, download some games and apps which are paid one s in the Play Store and upload some great android tips and tricks. So we set sail to build our first official website called  and seriously we had no idea how to build a website at that time. We pooled up money by asking our parents, an investment of 5000 Rs was made. The hosting and the domain was bought. It was built using a basic web builder and we literally  finished making a fully functional website in just a week. There were two other team mates who were helping us out with the content and data collection…. the job was handled by Mounica Movva and Sayan Ganguly. We didn’t sleep for four continuous nights,  we kept a deadline to finish the work by the end of the week at any cost cause we were about to release it in our college by the end of that week. Pressure was building up but we did it ! We made our first fully functioning website ! The feeling was priceless !

To make a website of your own, to literally see your designed content go over the web and being viewed by millions of people across the globe was really something great for us ! There were around 150 people for the launch , friends, seniors all of them eager to know what these 1st years did. Everyone’s mind was lingering with one thought …. How did they make it ? Well we answered it by showing the website.

I was really charged up that day, it was my first public seminar but i was aware of what i was doing and that made everything right. We partied hard that day. The excitement of the website was anyways short lived, bills had to be paid to web hosting accounts, there wasn’t sufficient funds generated and slowly the android portal faded away and it had to be shelved up. Disappointments were there but were sure that something great was coming ahead. And it came !

So what came next ??

The IIT KGP project ! A fire extinguishing bot ! ( chk out this link for the video )

What came next was the IIT Kharagpur Techno Management fest. Had a great experience over there. Robotics was the primary goal for us in those days. We used to work as a team always. The second robotics project was done by myself, Vaibhav, Vikash and Kartik. We had to do nighouts for completing our models ! And it was successful attempt. After all this, we still had in our minds that one thought which was still biting our brains. There were lot of questions, If we worked more, we could have brought discovering android a bit more glory, if we would have sticked to it patiently, we could have got more web traffic, if .. if …. iff…… Vaibhav was thinking in his mind, everyday to start something on his own. He shared with me and i was quite puzzled by the fact that how will we go about ? And what are we going to do on our own ? Are we gonna put a company with a horde of employees ? Are we gonna do something which involves only both of us ? The questions flashed  and as time passed by, there were more things to worry about like college, academics and the idea faded away for some time in my mind.

The planning phase

Keeping apart my personal life, during a team i always try to be spontaneous in work, without showing much resistance. And that was proving advantageous for me. It was between October or November 2012 when Vaibhav again came up with a plan for a self sustained body. As usual, i listened and gave my view, which was indeed positive. People were soaring heights with their achievements. Seniors in the student body were always looking for successful ideas, the bliss of a student body was clearly visible in those days. However maximum crowd would be present during events and exhibits.

But in 2011 GUSAC was performing at its best. There were different variey of projects like the Hydro  project of Shrikakulam,  The Wheel Chair, The NASA Lunabotics team and stuff ike that. Enormous talent was generated in a cell, and we were just a tiny part of them. We knew that some day we will make it large, but the only question was HOW ?

Mean while one of my classmates and one of my best buddy, Vikash had made a team or i can say a pool of quality designers and editors and they formed a startup called HatchAway. When he told about this, i was feeling good for my friend that he was doing great and wished him luck and eventually, i informed it to Vaibhav. He listened to me, gave me a smile but didnt say anything.

It was November 2012, there was a seminar conducted by Siddharth Ram, then the representative of GUSAC and he was conducting a seminar to the core members regarding Young India fellowship program and shorly after the small seminar, Raviteja, the present Human Resource  Director for CrazyHeads stood up to speak something about some changes which are needed to be made in the student body.  There were quite good facts that need to be included for a better GUSAC. The talk was continued by vaibhav when the members of the meeting were asked to propose any more doubts.

And that night, the core team of CrazyHead Soultions was framed. The final core team was myself, Vaibhav, Raviteja and Bharat. Let me tell you some thing about the other two guys.

Raviteja was from the Industrial Engineering field and was perhaps one of the most hard working and involving guy of GUSAC. Had a great knowledge of the mechanical stuff and had a good drive for achievements. His ideologies on entrepreneurship was great and being a local guy of Vizag, he knew how to deal with the big guys.

Bharat, one word for this guy is Dedication. As far i knew him since the start of engineering, every effort he puts in the work he does was successful. A wide range of visionary thoughts, this guy was worth a pick for the team. His views were organizational skills and team building were phenomenal.

Lights …. Camera ……aaand Action !!!

The next morning was something special. Frankly, i had no idea what was going on that morning. We all met at our favorite meet spot, subway, to grab a sub. And there was some heated discussion going on what all to do. There wasn’t any name for the start-up so we were referring it to ‘company’. There were many people around us, my besties obviously, friends of GUSAC, who were staring at us as tough we were talking stuff out of this world.

Certainly, there was anxiety gushing out from everyone. So, the first step we took is to provide a workshop or a summer training camp for students of class 9 or 10th. Back then, summer camps were always in good demand for localites. We joined with E2P, another startup from our college, in order to do this job. The name was first coined during our first night out meeting, it was INKUBUS …. meaning, the dream of a demon.

We had no idea how the name came up. It was a pure random one. was bought. The plan for the Summer Camp was full on !! Strategies were set in order to approach schools and we were ready to market ourselves. The database was collected and were all set but there were hurdles. Academics pulled us back, the semester was around the corner and we couldn’t risk our education. So we decided to resume as soon as possible but unfortunately, we couldn’t make it.

With a more optimistic and positive approach and thanks to our CEO sahaab, Vaibhav,we could get our first client. It was a contract for web site design. Frankly speaking, it was his one man effort. Clients began to roll and we were doing great, but we needed to do something big !! Really Big ! Something which the people of Vizag never imagined. And the idea rolled out, to conduct the biggest Ethical Hacking workshop ever in VIzag.

We knew we got good competition, we knew all the odds of it, we knew that at that time, there were heavy agitations regarding the Andhra-Telangana State disputes, we knew what all could possibly go wrong, but we took the risk.

Risk always lies between  the thread of success and failure. It’s our attitude and discipline which leads to one of the ends.

And from that day, our lives transformed, for both good and the bad. I would rather foucs on the good part. The good part was that there was lots and lots of work. That was the best part infact.

This was the time when the name was changed again. After a long night of discussions, we penned down the final name of our dream start-up, CrazyHead Solutions. Since we were people who did real crazy stuff with the web designing and event management, we kept it simple as CrazyHeadS. The logo was designed, the website was under construction. The work was going on full flow. There was a clear aim now of what were were doing. All four of us did our best to accumulate sponsors for the event.

Ohh i almost for got to tell you about our event. Like i said, it was the biggest ever workshop of vizag. We called the best of the best Ethical Hacker in India, Ankit Fadia. We could luckily get his contact with the help of Sarath. The target was to get 600 students under one roof. 600 students – 7 Hours of awesome Ethical Hacking stuff.

We made one real awesome team with people who got real SEXY stuff,

The MAC (Mad About Content) team,

The Designers Den,

The Marketing Mojos,

and the core team of course did some real CRAZY stuff.

The crowd of 600 @ CrazyHacking2k13 Vizag by Ankit Fadia
The crowd of 600 @ CrazyHacking2k13 Vizag by Ankit Fadia

The registrations kicked in, people started to flow in to attend and witness the best ever Ethical Hacking workshop. There were many many many hurdles that we passed along. Many frustrations and exhausting moments but now, they are wonderful memories because we succeeded. And we made it to bring in 600 students from all over vizag, making it the biggest of the workshops ever. We couldn’t be prouder.

Team CHS with Ankit Fadia during CrazyHacking 2k13
Team CHS with Ankit Fadia during CrazyHacking 2k13

And then the workshop spree was followed at Berhampur(Orissa) and Hyderabad. We named this chain od workshops as “CrazyHacking” because these were totally based on Ethical Hacking. We are planning much more bigger events.

Vaibhav and Bhargav @ CrazyHacking2k13 Berhampur
Vaibhav and Bhargav @ CrazyHacking2k13 Berhampur
Vaibhav giving a workshop on Ethical Hacking at Hyderabad
Vaibhav giving a workshop on Ethical Hacking at Hyderabad

So there my friends is the story until now, about our dream,  our startup, CrazyHeadS.

A formation of CHS depicting CrazyHeadS by the team
A formation of CHS depicting CrazyHeadS by the team
Team CHS during a photoshoot.
Team CHS during a photoshoot.

An advice to all you people out there…… “Never stop chasing your dreams !!”. People around may stop you and tell to “think what you do”. But when it comes to entrepreneurship, its an itch, and it can only cured unless you work towards it. Follow your heart, and give your 100% in what you do, realize your ambitions and work work work ! Simple as that !

Today, we are proud enough to say that CrazyHeadS has picked up phenomenal success in every field we chose to work, of course there will be distraction,  but ultimately we found happiness…..

I would like to explain a simple concept in finding happiness …. which was told by Gautham Buddha.

If you think “I Want Happiness” , First remove “I” , its ego, then remove “want” , its desire, now you are left with “Happiness” …….

Sayonara !


27 thoughts on “The Story of CrazyHeadS !

  1. Hey Vineet thats truly an inspiring story 🙂 … We are proud of u guys 🙂 . I felt there is something missing. You were talking about Vaibhav and Raviteja were giving their ideas about improving GUSAC and then in next para you suddenly interrupted with forming of team. I guess you havent mentioned how was the team formed among you 4 and what made at that particular night for you all to form a team?

    1. Well first of all thank you Suhail ! Appreciate your interest. Yes I worked on this story for a fortnight pooling up my memories and typing them down.
      I accept your comment.
      And yeah the idea of forming a team was a planned one and yeah definitely not over night

  2. I know that many people say it every now and then , But as far as our team is concerned…I have always known it…to be like a family…and have…always FELT like I’m a part of this family…..

    Even today I remember how warmly I was welcomed into the team…with arms wide open….and people embracing me for what I do….there were smiles everywhere….

    and that was when I FELT it….I FELT connected….I FELT related to….
    I saw that empty chair….and I FELT like i should be there ….
    and that’s what I did….I went right ahead….made some good friends….Vaibhav , Vineet , Raviteja , Bharat , Charitha , Akhil , Matthew , Nikhil , Anoop , Abhishek , Tarun , Shweta…… many more..and hopefully many others….in years to come….

    ENCOURAGEMENT & OPPORTUNITY…were right there whenever I needed it….
    …..why…..even INSPIRATION was right there….hidden in plain sight….and waiting to be discovered…..

    And….as a result…trust me…I dont know when it happened…. but Crazyheads….as a stage… a platform….as a place….as a family ,

    …………became One of the Biggest Motivating Factors in my life….
    and trust me when I say it….It could’nt have been better….

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