It will be the mid-day , where people will be coming and sitting all over a stadium. Security will be high, bouncers surrounding the whole place, people lingering around, noises all over, people shouting , organizers talking over the walkie talkie, all people see, is a drum-set, with world class symbals, a big bass drum on which a name inscribed, SHAURYA !  A bunch of guitars, the electric ones, one  with a solid black color and the other with a high texture kept in a stand. The keyboards, all stacked up in a stand. And apart from all this, stands a mic, setup at the front of the stage, noises go high, the buzz just goes viral, the place is now jam packed, mexican waves emerge , people gather at the entrance just waiting to see one glimpse of the inside setup.

Then comes the most awaited moment, first comes out the drummer, absolutely cool wearing on his goggles, a plain t shirt, and a shorts, waves at the crowd and checks on his drumset. Aaannd …… he gives a test, the volume the crowd pitches high … really high…. can reach literally the mic which is turned on at the front of the stage. The keyboards come up live and alive , backing up the drumbeat, totally. The guitarists come up grab their ones and strap up ! One of them checks on a distortion pedal and gives it a pass through all the strings….. the rock effect reverberates all over the place…… and a roar from the crowd ! He gives them a grin…. People fastening up for the show ….. cause its time !! The drummer starts it up with a roll and keeps on drumming …… everyones heartbeat just pumps up and keeps going high, adrenaline shooting up to almost to the neck, and the beat suddenly stops…… Utter silence ! !

And the guitar starts up strumming up …. and from far away a guy wearing a pain white shirt jumps up from the crowd grabs up the mic and with full elegance, with pure perfection starts the show !!

Let there be music …. in every breath ….. in every beat ….. in every note ….. everywhere !!

So how did this start-up ??

It’s really a gift to have a band when you are in college. This story is about one such band. This story is about those musicians who started with their instruments from the scratch and today they raising their bars day by day.

It was during the 2nd year of my engineering, where we started to taste the real time engineering life, friends that you cling on start become close, you start hanging out with them … a lot ……and yeah … the most awaited day …. The freshers party . We do have one when we are in 1st year but its even more exciting when we give to our juniors in the 2nd year. The whole class was busy with their organizing stuff and all. Things were going really good at that time. Then few of my classmates Rohit, Vivek came up with the idea of a small musical show during the party … on a really small scale. At that time Kranti, Shankar and Chaitanya were the guys who knew guitar in our class. Pavan was the most experienced guy who knew keyboard really well. And now, they were searching for a singer for that function. I could just still recall that day when Rohit and Vivek came to me and asked “Would you sing ??” Frankly speaking, i had no musical knowledge and i was a bathroom singer …. but it was by dream to perform on stage and sing…. so keeping that in my mind, i said yes, while they expected a no :p . If that moment didn’t happen in my life, i would have never set my foot on the stage.

So, the so called “small musical show” was confirmed with with two acoustic guitars and one keyboard and one singer.

The First Meet !

Everyone was a rookie in their instrument, no one in the group knew what to do with their part so we had a meet. Yes, the first meet behind boys hostel of GITAM University. We even didn’t know that it was called “jamming”. We were incognito regarding this performance cause it was a surprise to our class and the juniors as well.

open audi

We met finally with two guitars, sang some songs and i was really on the verge of being kicked out because i had no idea of the scale and all but gradually i did a fair job and the group accepted me.

So What Next ??

We had to jam and we needed a jamming room, no problem, we jammed at my house full fledged with songs decided.

The jamming sessions were something like these

Yeah they were really fun …. really hillarious if we listen to them now but those were memories. They were even situations where we decided a song like sadda Haq, without an electric guitar just before the day of our performance. Really, it was the funniest decision ever.

It was during this time where we coined a band name …. “SHAURYA” Anyone wondered the meaning of it?

Shaurya means Dignity …. in the music we play, the way we carry it on stage, the way we carry  inside out of our lives.

Then the day came for our first performance of our lives …. The first performance of Shaurya !!

To be frank, i totally screwed it up that day. And the most hilarious fact is that we tried playing Sadda Haq actually without an electric guitar. People literally listened really patiently, it was a surprise for our classmates and by besties. Very few people knew that there will be a performance like this. Tough we claimed it as a good show…. it was not so called a “live show” :p

Now, wait a minute … Are you really serious with this ??

Days passed on, now the question came up, are we really continuing this? There was a point where i told up to my guys that we are a band now and the band name should be decided and they like thinking “What the hell is wrong with this guy??” “What is he thinking of ? A rock band? A Band ???” Yes, at first people never took it seriously, thought that it’s just for fun, but it wasn’t like that. For some days there was utter confusion, but still the band members came to jam.

At that time, there was Kranthi who was really putting all his time on music, Shankar who knew how to play it but was in a dilemma why he was playing it, and the cool cucumber guy pavan, just played along with us and when it came to me …. yeah, i was freaking excited that we were a band. Now, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 keyboard and we called ourselves a band. Though the question of how to play with the electrics and a drummer was far sighted at that point.

But as days came, time has changed, the fellows of the band began talking more matured about music, Rohit & Vulchi started learning the violin, hoping that they will join us soon, Shankar stopped coming to jamming sessions cause he had to make up his time on learning CCNA but later on he came back, Kranthi sticked to his guitar learning, improved a lot, Vamsi and Sasank did a good job in reviewing us all the time. And there’s one guy, Madhukesh !! who was learning drumming , and each fellow of the band was really excited about this news.

Meanwhile, we made a cover(so called :p) of a telugu song called “Ye Mantramo” from the movie “Andala Rakshasi”

It was one heck of a jouney guys and yeah if you came up reading this far, thank you very much for your love and support. We really mean it.

Quickly moving ahead, by this time, the most awaited day of our lives was coming up, the Kalakriti auditions. Yes, Kalakriti is a music club of of our college, GITAM University. To get it into it, you got to have solid talent, which i lacked it badly. Though i claim to a singer in Shaurya, i don’t really have that singing jive, its just motivation that drives me along to sing, no training, nothing. Tough it was postponed a lot of times, each time it got postponed, we got a better chance to improve ourselves.

After this paragraph i would like to introduce each of our band member so that you will be no more confused and you’ll have a break by looking at the pictures :p


Meet Kranti, the lead guitarist, one of the most dedicated guys of the band. Sheer interest in music and excellent in framing leads. One of the most patient guys of the band, listens to the music and catches the chords in a jiffy from Tollywood to Hollywood.

Catch him up on facebook –





Shankar, man on the rhythms, bring the jaan in the song by his wonderful strums. Started off without even thinking that one day he will be performing on the stage like this. Learned guitar from the scratch and mastered the guitar in a span of 1 year.  Massive respect to you bro ! We are always proud of your work.

Catch him up on facebook –





Pavan, the most experienced guy of the band. Started off his keyboard career from an early age of 8. Proud of having him as our keyboard player. One thing worth telling about him is that when we are into a fix of which song to choose, he comes up with the most sensible answer.

Catch him up on facebook –





Maddy !!! The drummer and the most valuable possession of Shaurya. Wonderful guys, always jolly, soft at heart, strong on the drums, this guy started off playing the drums with a dream just like us that he will go live on stage one day. Days of hard work, months of practice, convincing his parents for buying a kit, the support he got, the hope we had, everything was fulfilled by this little guy over there. Presenting you, Madhukesh.

Catch him up on facebook –




And yeah i’ll upload myself too to complete the list :p. Myself am a singer, who manages to sing in a fair note and having a great privilege to be a part of Shaurya.



And last and the backbone of Shaurya, Rohit ! This guy has taken the roots of Shaurya  in building it up right from the beginning. He plays the violin and takes charge of all the poster designs, video making stuff for the band. Massive respect for this guy.

Had this guy didn’t ask me to sing for the freshers party, i would not made it up to this point. The back stage hero of the band, Rohit.


OK enough of the introductions, lets move on. Yep, the kalakriti auditions, the most awaited event for shaurya happened on 18th December 2013.

Still remember that day when we were packing up from home and remembering the list of items to be taken. We had the instruments loaded up in 2 cars and took off to college. We landed in style, crowd over there was watching us with the drums and guitars, and then we met our inspirations, Felix and Joel from Insignia, the best band of Vizag. I’ll get to them later. They gave us support and cool to play during the auditions. Frankly speaking, it was not so good one. Live performances are tough to crack. It comes with experience which we lacked a lot. They understood that and gave us a warm welcome into Kalakriti.

The excitement couldn’t be hidden. We were taken as the top artists of GITAM University, it was one commendable achievement for the band.

And from then the, performances didn’t stop. We performed in GMUN Culturals by ISTE, TICES by IEEE and the most awaited one came up…….. GUSAC Carnival 3.

For this gig, i would sincerely like to thank the whole Insignia for letting us give a chance in the Carnival. Yes, i should put up a pic now


Insignia, one of the most amazing band i have ever seen. I call them the “magicians of music”. The songs they play are those that we can never even imagine. They steal their show with simplicity and dignity. One and the only inspiration of forming “Shaurya” was “INSIGNIA”. Just cant believe they are leaving this year. They announced and played their last gig this Carnival but i wish and in fact the whole college wishes there will be no alvida for Insignia.

The support, the guidance, the respect they give to people is worth giving them massive respect and bows. Thank You guys. We all love you loads.

So the Carnival came finally, 4 months of practice for this one finally paid off on 7th March 2014.  We could not be more happier. The crowd was amazing. That 15 minutes of awesomeness and happiness couldn’t get any better. We were totally overwhelmed.

Though there are many other better stories of other bands, who are way better than us, its just a feeling of happiness that you are doing your part. We never compared ourselves with the best, we are just a bunch of rookies who jam for getting perfection.

There are many many people whom i should thank along the way without which we may not have experienced all this.

First and the foremost, a big hug to the back end crew of Shaurya Rohit, Vivek, Vamsi, Shashank and Subbu who have always listened to our music patiently, taking our their time and giving us suggestions all the time. This little piece of thanks is not enough. You guys deserve a lot lot better. Thank You so much all the way.

I thank god and my Mom & Dad who have bared us during the noisy jamming sessions. We used to jam in the home itself. A big thanks to Madhukesh’s mom who have also bared the noise and still supported us to go further.

My lovely besties Vaibhav, Aarti, Shweta, shamili, Bharat, Vikash who have understood me when i used to leave them suddenly and went to jam most of the times. Thank you so much guys. It really means a lot when you people cheer us when we are on the stage. A big hug to you guys who have encouraged me even tough i sang bad at times. The tips you gave to improve, the push you gave me to move on further, i just cant really express how thankful i am towards you people. Thank you so much and #massive respect.

The whole class of B5 for their continuous push, cheers and support.

INSIGNIA…… thank you so much, for everything that you have given us.

We went on jamming, we meet every week, discuss our problems, have some arguments, then some compromises, then some energy and then we end up the day with eating lots and lots of food 😀

This is the little and simple story of a small band from GITAM University, “shaurya”.

The story of Shaurya

Thank you very much for reading this till the end.

The hope is always high, the spirits are always high, we may not be the best today, but we will be someday, some fine day.









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