If there is a regret now, it could have been much better then.

After passing out in 2015, i sometimes regret or admit the fact that things could have been shaped up much better if i wouldn’t have bumped up into some circumstances. Every day could have a a little productive at least. Just a small teenie tiny feeling that Can i relive that past now ? No i can never. One day, one of my friend’s father told me something that really struck me through and kept me thinking for a long time. Don’t do things for which you will only regret later. And as i thought, it reflected upon many many incidents in my daily life. I wanna thank him for that the next time i meet him.

Everyday is an attempt for becoming better, an attempt to think fearlessly and deal with situations.



Tour to the Paradise… The Himalayan odyssey

Finaliy … Tomorrow … One of my long living dream about to be fulfilled. Thanks to the interest of my mom and dad in travelling, we are heading to LEH and LADAKH …. aka The paradise on earth.

Hoping that this trip will bring peace to my mind and balance in my works.

On the parallel world… Gave a bye bye to Campus drives in GITAM…. after all… kal ho na ho…. There is no better pleasure in travelling and that too when you are getting a chance like this.

Mera falsafaa kandhe pe mera basta
Chala main jahaan le chala mujhe rasta
Boondon pe nahin
Boondon ke samandar pe woh oo woh…

Ilahi mera jee aaye aaye
Ilahi mera jee aaye aaye

The Internship !!


Bagged my internship at Ericsson.

It was during  december 2013 when i was applying for an internships to all the big shots and Ericsson was one among them.

I still look at that moment when i got the call letter for an interview. It was perhaps a dream at that second and i was happy, really happy.

The interview was one of a unique one, infact it was an excellent talk, a really long talk in which i was explaining all y ideas regarding networking and how we could make things better for future, very realistic one.

Really looking forward for a great time …. Chennai ….. 3 months of awesomeness 😀

We always think that we share everything with our best friends and we also expect the same from them.

Now the foolish thing behind this is do they really feel us like our best friend?

Or do they share everything with us ?

Yeah , enough of those bullshit questions… Its a shame on our part to keep such questions in mind.
Our friends are the golden ones…. One in a billion….

Sneham lo swardham undakodadu, nammakam undali …

Translation : Trust should be prevalent in friendship, not greed

I was giving a seminar on Design and Analysis of algorithms today and while I was teaching, I was suddenly struck by a quote and I told it immediately to the class

” It’s nothing like a particular subject is hard or easy ….

For every subject there lies a History and a Mystery … You just have to find the chemistry between them to get going.”

A new obsession !!! :D

ITS COOKING TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Veg Fried Rice :D
Veg Fried Rice 😀

Tried my hand in cooking after a considerable period of time ! This is one other hobby of mine.

Doesn’t it look delicious ?? Haha …. sorry if am bragging… but it really felt good after i tasted it. All the chopping of veggies, especially onions and making the whole thing took me about 45 minutes and yeah, it was edible.

Another experience added up ! Now i will be cooking in the weekends for my mom so that she can have a break from the daily home making. Made a good list what all to make in the future … but i guess it’s better to make healthy foods.

Anyways, first attempt, good taste, smile on my face ……. nothing more !

Had this interest of cooking from long back, it gives me a joy and satisfaction when i see someone eating what i made.

Happiness can be spread in many ways , then why not make someone happy by making something lip smacking for them 😉

The Art of Living !

This was during my 9th class in Vijayawada where my physics teacher was teaching some off subject matter regarding life when suddenly he asked

“Kids, what is the art of living ?”

The whole class was looking at his face as if he asked a question in rocket science. But yeah, they were really puzzled what to answer. After a long pause, he said ” OK, if you don’t answer i will ask someone randomly” and he pointed at a girl and told to  answer. She continued….

“Sir, whatever we do in life we have to leave a mark, a trail so that people will recognize you and praise your work even after our death. That is the art of living. ”

He said “good ! ” But there he was, not quite satisfied with the answer, the expression was clearly conveying that. He told a boy, one of my best friends, to answer the question.

After few seconds he told (in a posh way) ” sir, its all about how you enjoy each and every moment and live your passion. ” The professor smiled and was searching for another student to answer it when a part of a class from the boys section started shouting a guys name and he was quite surprised by that. So the teacher asked the boy “OK boy, tell me , Whats art of living?”

And the reply came

Sir, if a painter wants to draw a painting, first he will think of a nice picture, he thinks the exact way to picture it and starts painting it with full passion, joy and love. The effort he puts in REFLECTS his output, the painting. He makes a flawless piece of art and when people see it, they appreciate it a lot, with the same love. The effort his puts in in painting the picture is the input and the love and appreciation he gets in return is the output. In simple, this is the art of living”And he stopped. The whole class was in total silence when suddenly the teacher starts clapping and eventually the whole class starts to clap along. You can guess what might have happened next.


PS : the boy who told it was myself