The Internship !!


Bagged my internship at Ericsson.

It was during  december 2013 when i was applying for an internships to all the big shots and Ericsson was one among them.

I still look at that moment when i got the call letter for an interview. It was perhaps a dream at that second and i was happy, really happy.

The interview was one of a unique one, infact it was an excellent talk, a really long talk in which i was explaining all y ideas regarding networking and how we could make things better for future, very realistic one.

Really looking forward for a great time …. Chennai ….. 3 months of awesomeness ūüėÄ


My First Android Application – NoteHub !

Today, it was something memorable, 15th Jan 2014, i completed building my first ever android application. 1 month of video tutorials, finally paid off.

The application i made was a very simple one and i guess many of the programming geeks would have made plenty like these but it’s still an accomplishment for me.

It’s called NoteHub, a simple note making application which creates, saves and deletes notes in plain text format. It was a joint effort by me and one of my besties, Aarti. We used to sit and listen the tutorials for hours with patience and eagerness to design this andsay it out to the world that yes, we too are in the Android App Development band wagon.

Its just in the beginning stage, Android is a vast subject and you need to have a very very good programming background to mendle with all on your own. My suggestion is to check out courses at and try to grasp the concepts told by them.

Android is all about Java.

Here’s a photograph of the completed application in the android SDK. I haven’t made this compatible to all the android versions so am not uploading the apk file.

NoteHub, my frst android application.
NoteHub, my frst android application.

When game Designing becomes my passion

Sprite 2DMade my 1st 3D game. Friends, Family members gave huge support. It was all i needed. Thought i should make it big. Really big. Then i thought for a while, why leaping around when i have enough time and resources to know and gain more knowledge about this awesome field. Studied books on unity, Learnt ActionScript, but i wasn’t quite satisfied. Switched back to unity and made a 2D game. Took me 1 week of designing and coding.

When i was finally done with the game, the happiness you get, the zeal to do more, when your character moves and jumps in the arena for the first time without any compiler errors….. Priceless !!

1st Ever 3D Game !

1st 3D GameOne of my biggest and satisfying achievement of my little EXPERIENCES is Game Designing. And i dont regret for my interest …. not even a bit. In my childhood i was a huge fan of NFS and used to play on for hours. I would call dad and make him to come early from home and we used to drive to the shop where we bought game Cd’s. God, i really used to love those days but at one point of time my dad told me “Son why play virtual car racing games when you can actually drive one after you become rich in life”. And that’s when i decided why not design one ? ¬† Giving it a thought i kept gaming on and on. And seeing at todays present scenario, i went on learning about Game Designing.

I tried searching on some books in the library of my college but was confused looked up  and on the internet, youtube, and so oon for months. I was getting to know things bit by bit. People were saying that Game Designing is hard, its not at all related to computer science and blah blah until one day i found out about Unity Game Engine.

And nothing stopping now i just went on to learn and eventually after 3 weeks of tutorials, designing  and scripting, i finally finished designing my  !st  3D Game . Yepp, with an exclamation !!

Stay tuned for more updates !!