A son’s words to his mother !

A late post. I know mother’s day is long gone but wrote this small poem for mom on mother’s day. Its in Hindi. Really sorry but can’t translate it into English.

Ek maa hi hai jo janm deti hai woh hum jaise insaaon ki,
Ek maa hi hai jo apne laadle ko de sachha pyar.

Kadar toh hum bohot kam karte hai usko,
Hame jamn dene ka ehsaan kabhi nai chuka paayege usko.
Haan ek maa hi hai wo, ek maa hi hai wo.

Ek maa hi hai jo hame pyaar kare zindagi bhar,
Bhagwan ke virudh vo chale jaati, hua ho agar kuch bhi uske laadle ko,

Dard jab hota hai toh pukaarta hai tu maa ka naam,
Toh khusiyon me bhi kabhi pukar liya kar.
Kyuki ek maa hi hai woh jo deti hai Tera saath.
Teri kushi ke liye kaam karti hai din raat.
Kushiyon me bhi Dede uska saath.

Tera kal ke liye wo aaj bhooki rehti hai,
Bhagwan bhi na shayad aisa kar sake.
Teri khuda Teri saamne khadi hai.
Gale lagale abhi use.

Vaada kar usko aaj,
Ki zindagi bhar mai hoon tere saath,
Tu maane ya na maane,
Tera pehla pyaar hai maa, pehla pyaar hai maa.

Aa raha hoon mai aapke charaon me
Sulado mujhe aapke godh me

Likhne ke liye toh chote se shabdh kuch nahi hai maa ke liye.
Bas tu pyaar dete reh, dete reh.

Teri khuda Teri saamne hai,
Jaa gale laga le aaj use.


Heer aur Ranjha ki Kahani !

Dil me rakhta hai tu heer
Aur ban jaata hai tu kyu raanjha
Tu khojta hai laakh usko
Par ullu ko na aata samajh.

Ki dil me Hi hai woh,
Woh tu dhoond raha jo Iss zamane me.
Woh tujhi me thaa,
Tujhi me tha.

Maloom hai sabko,
Ki kitni jhand hai zindagi,
Lekin darta kyu hai apna ye dil ?
Aakhir itna darta tu kyu hai

Jo raah pe darr basta hai,
Chunta hai tu wahi.
Sab usme magn base hai.
Darr me sab magn base hai.

Likh saake tu apni khud ki kahani.
Kisi aur ke kahani me tu putla kyu hai.
Darr ka putla rehta badi saavla.
Rang chadha tu banke utavla.

Rakhe dil me hai tu heer
Na bann raanjha.
Jise tu dhoond raha hai.
Woh tujhi me hai, tujhi me hai.


To Be Continued ….

Sing the unsung heroes !

As I woke up today lazily, my roommates were telling me bro, you are the only one to get ready now. And there’s no water. They say it will take an hour. I opted to wait up and go late but fresh to the office.

An hour passed. The whole area seems to have no proper water. Thousands of residents are now without water for a day now. Was just thinking, what if this goes on to 2-3 days. What if we don’t get water for a week. Then, the chaos starts.

When Vizag was struck with HUD HUD, it was just like going back to the medivial times where water and other necessities were not at our disposal.

And when all these thoughts came to a flash, I realized the people who work behind all this. Of course there will be some supervisors but the main field work for fixings will be done by unsung workers. Imagine if the worker who’s fixing our pipeline would realize that he’s saving the day for thousands of people. But he won’t. Cause all he’s worried about going back home taking care of his family by the daily wage. Drink a peg and get ready for another day.

Likewise, imagine the workers who toiled so hard and made such strong buildings and all they get to sleep is under a tatched roof. So discriminating it feels when we think of it. Lot of people may argue that it’s the economy that is set like that. But why ? Can’t we just think about this a few minutes ?

Personally I never wasted food till date and am proud of it. It may be over eating for a day but am at least respecting that farmer who worked day and night for months to put that morsel of rice in our bellies. And that is something truly unconditional and exceptional. They deserve much more than what we do. But sadly that’s not happening. We are too busy in our lives. Maybe I’ll even forget about this after writing this post. Sad. But the least, the least I could do is not wasting food and water cause someone else worked their ass off for doing this.

The rich are getting richer, the poor are stagnant and lowly. Dignity of labour is a joke in our country.

We earn lakhs sitting in our plush rooms and offices. The people who burn in the heat are neglected and grounded. Think about this once.

Try to respect these unsung heroes and if possible make them sung. We need them to be famous. We need them glorified and dignified.


As i look upon this life i have, i realize there is much more, more than the infinity multifold that i have to witness.

So one fine morning i gear up and ride on. Ride on limitlessly, crossing the city, the sub urbs, the country side and loop up myself into the ghats, manuver every hairpin with passion and ride on till i reach a valley, a valley so serene, so pure, nascent. I halt for a moment among the dwindling nature surrounded by a strange new land, full of plush green grass, blossoming flowers, mesmerizing climate and take a deep cool breath and relish every second of my life from then.

And as i ride on further, i find myself in between the valley, with a small road, stretching infinitely ahead. I take out my helmet and let the breeze touch my face and go through my hair. As i gaze on, i find a tree, a tree so big, and so green that i stop and walk till there.

I sit under the tree for a moment and close my eyes. A few minutes later, i loose myself completely to the nature. I hear the water flowing through a small stream. I hear the leaves waving around the tree. I hear the birds chirping among. I hear the insects moving around. Everything came to a stand still. I was stoned by mother nature. I open my eyes and relish the view, the beauty in front of me. The valley, so green, quiet and pure, a tear drops and rolls down my cheek.

Yes, that’s the moment i realized, life is a wonderful gift.

10th – 13th March Bangalore trip !!

Well, another weekend well spent with the best of the best people.
Shamili’s brother got married and Vikash’s sister got married. Great weddings. Good time spent. Boozing in the nights, crazy hangovers and dramatic scenes sums up the whole trip :p
Some pictures to remember by.


4 out of the 6 in RIP. From left, me, Aarti, Shweta and Vaibhav.


With brother of the bride, Vikash Mishra, the guy in the suit.


Hahah !! Thats me carrying booze to the apartment.


All well arranged by Vaibhav !! Ready to get drunk !


Another good one !!
Couldn’t find the pictures with Shamili !


A sneak pic with Aarti !!

Great time spent. Hoping for a trip the next time we meet !

That’s all folks !

The love of my Life !

The love of my Life !

I have talked about a lot of myself, a lot about my friends and my experiences. But i had to mention this one also. My beloved bike. People say that there are different kinds of love. Well, i feel that the love between a mother and its child is the ultimate one. Hence, i can’t even speak about the ultimate right now. So, i choose to talk about my heavy buddy, REDS 500. The Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm.

It’s been more than an year now. We set sail on several rides and experiences. Used to seldom trouble me but hey, they are meant to give trouble. It was just a normal day. That day before I was telling my dad how I got this Enfield Obsession and my love towards the 500cc one. Few days later, mom calls me up and tells, “chinna we are at the Royal Enfield showroom. Dad is booking the bike for you. Amazing choice. But can you even lift it ?” I laughed and said of course I can. But the real thing is I never ridden or even handled one. But I didn’t care for all that. My dream bike was finally booked on June 24th 2014.

Got the delivery within a week and that first glimpse was like love at first sight. The first ride in my street. Once you ride a Royal Enfield, you are fucked for life. That feel keeps haunting you somewhere deep inside. It’s hard to let go of that. You think of your next bike also as Royal Enfield. It’s an inexpressable feeling. The posture, the engine, the thump, the acceleration makes your mind addicted to stay on the road.

Enfields are never promising bikes. They trouble you a lot. The leak oil regularly. They say, if your new enfield is not leaking, you may have a problem with your bike. Those oil stains on your jeans are bound to come. But somehow i feel, that’s the good part of it. Maintaining a Royal Enfield is like taking care of a new born child. You keep taking care of it regularly, dedicate some time from your daily routine just to take care of it. The mechanic should in your best friend list. You will often visit him. A good mechanic and a good rider is the key for a good bike experience. Otherwise, you are in deep shit.

You just need to have utter patience to fix your bike’s problems. So if are the one who are fond of such hobbies, go for it. Trust me, that feeling when your bike is in almost perfect tune and you ride your Enfield on a great road with your aviators on …. man you got yourself a huge treat then. Enfields get accustomed to a single style of riding. The moment another rider puts hands on it, you can feel the difference. After all, there are more than 5000 parts in the bloody machine, you have to respect it. Properly.

People who are planning on to take a Royal Enfield, i strongly suggest you to take the Bullet 500, the standard. Plain, old and damn good stuff. No EFI bullshit, the old carburetor style will be just right to take on some excellent maintenance. I know, i didn’t take it myself first. I was more carried away by the Desert Storm but will surely take the standard one for sure some day. Since 2009, the UCE engines have replaced the old standard engines of Royal Enfield. Change is bound in everything. One who adapts change survives well. And the modifications you can do on your ride are just limitless. Every single part can be customized in Royal Enfield. That’s another beauty of it.

So when are you owning one ? The tarmac is waiting for you.


A new phase

IMG_1416Some people say that it’s friends who play a vital role in our lives. And some say, its all going on your own, there’s little guidance you’ll get. Well, for me its friends who influence me a lot in day to day activities. I donno whether it’s a blessing or a curse, but at the end of the day, I feel great that I have such great company. Sometimes, I feel being lonely is good and sometimes being interactive and social is.

Today, as I set forth a new phase in my life by joining in a startup, Crowdnetic, I feel I have to give the whole credit for it to my dear friend Vamsi Wudaru, who recommended me for this job. It’s friends who came in hand when the world turned its back towards me.

Hyderabad, the city in which I was born, my partial native town, the second most city which I love ( first being Vizag ) will be where I’ll be working.

Cheers to new beginnings.

Bas ek naam KALAM !

He came to this world, just like any other human being. But the impact he made on our lives will leave a lasting impact on all of us. He will be one of all time favorite personalities. Truly, attitude is everything, more than anything else, more than money, more than fame. And he showed us all that.

ChalChitra Films India took the initiative of creating a beautiful tribute with a wonderful poem in it to our beloved KALAM.

Bas Ek Naam KALAM !

Do take a few minutes and watch this lovely video.

There are no great minds !!

There is nothing called as a great mind. Most of the people who pursue the apex aren’t actually great minds. There are only great ideas. An idea is said to be great because it had the potential to break the daily stereotypes, had the potential to break the comfort zone. We have studied about many great minds like people who said that the earth was flat. There were theories that the earth is the center of the universe. Until someone else had to prove it the otherwise. Great minds change, but great ideas don’t.

We could have been still in the blue about gravity if it wasn’t for Sir Issac Newton who gave it a thought about why the apple fell on his head. We may have been in the blue about electricity if it wasn’t for Nikola tesla, Benjamin Franklin who ideated many important concepts . We have been in the blue about small pox if it wasn’t for Edward Jenner who broke barriers and ideated the vaccine.

People tend to create a virtual barrier among themselves and have the fear to ideate. They think that it’s never been done before, so it can never be done in the future. Remember that many so called great minds were proven wrong. We never know that the greatest minds of today who do research worth millions of dollars might be proven wrong in the future. But that doesn’t stop the process of ideating. It’s taking a leap of positivity and belief everyday. A leap for a better idea. A hope.

So never let your imaginations die within your mind. Try do make something out of your creative side. Take the leap of belief and pursue it. Let it be anything. Nothing can be as right as your thinking. Even the world’s most dangerous people took their leap for a negative cause. Why can’t you do it for one small positive purpose ?

There are no great minds. It’s those little silly ideas which make a difference and become great ideas. As Albert Einstein said “If the idea is not absurd in the beginning, then there’s no hope for it.”

Have a ideated day ahead !