If you are too kind at heart, your shoulders will face the consequences.


To become anything might be a walk in the park. You cane be anything mediocre if you don’t have a dream or a goal.

Once you start having goals means that you wanna be something. To wanna be something, you pay a price. You start giving your time and energy towards that something.

Don’t just do anything. Do something.

We always think that we share everything with our best friends and we also expect the same from them.

Now the foolish thing behind this is do they really feel us like our best friend?

Or do they share everything with us ?

Yeah , enough of those bullshit questions… Its a shame on our part to keep such questions in mind.
Our friends are the golden ones…. One in a billion….

Sneham lo swardham undakodadu, nammakam undali …

Translation : Trust should be prevalent in friendship, not greed

Who’s the judge ??

The judge is GOD !

And why is he GOD ?

Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent !

Who’s your opponent ?

He doesn’t exist !

And why does he not exist ?

Because he a mere dissenting voice of the truth i speak !