Free MIT Open Courseware for network Security enthusiasts.

As most of us are aware that MIT OCW or the Open Course ware has been of great help for quite a good period of time in order to get the maximum out of the knowledge that the institution offers.

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Inside the WhatsApp encryption system !

Yaay ! Cheers to Facebook for bringing out encryption in WhatsApp messages. It was like in my 2nd year of undergrad where me and my friend Vaibhav researched on how to hack into whatsapp and read other peoples messages. Since at that time, WhatsApp didn’t have any encryption. All your messages till yesterday were sent in open text format. Yes, the text format of notepad.

Governments and other spying agencies used to enjoy our chats without much effort. Infact anyone could read your message if you are connected with a Wi -Fi network from his mobile phone. Yes, it’s possible but we not be going over there :p

No worries now, since we have got encryption. Woo Hoo !!

Now what happens to our messages. As WhatsApp have already told you that it’s an end to end encryption which means that no one can intercept your messages at any cost.

Well, the whole encryption saga for WhatsApp started around mid 2014. Open Whisper systems developed this encryption for WhatsApp (No, not Facebook devs). Open Whisper systems uses it’s open source software called TextSecure. It’s owned by Twitter by the way. Anyone can use this software if the developer is willing to put some security in his chatting application.

TextSecure uses a number of algorithms, obviously. The primitive or the base algorithms that are used are CURVE25519, AES256, HMAC-SHA256.  Am sure all the engineering Computer Science undergrads have heard the terms AES and HMAC-SHA.

Well from these primitives, the double ratchet algorithm comes into place along with a 3DH Handshake. Normally, the AES is said to be one of the most toughest encryptions. So you can imagine the level of security given to your lovely messages now. But one aspect still makes we wonder. TextSecure has been designed not even to expose chats in screenshots. But if your chats are being captured, am sure it must have been tailored.

All we can say is that, go ahead and text worry free. But the threat still loombs. If you have ever read the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, then they indirectly say that they can access all of your texts. Well, that will apply even if you are under encryption. And also, if the government of a particular country wants to keep an eye of their citizens, they might just give the access to it. But consider yourself safe other than these cases :p

Cheers !!

There are no great minds !!

There is nothing called as a great mind. Most of the people who pursue the apex aren’t actually great minds. There are only great ideas. An idea is said to be great because it had the potential to break the daily stereotypes, had the potential to break the comfort zone. We have studied about many great minds like people who said that the earth was flat. There were theories that the earth is the center of the universe. Until someone else had to prove it the otherwise. Great minds change, but great ideas don’t.

We could have been still in the blue about gravity if it wasn’t for Sir Issac Newton who gave it a thought about why the apple fell on his head. We may have been in the blue about electricity if it wasn’t for Nikola tesla, Benjamin Franklin who ideated many important concepts . We have been in the blue about small pox if it wasn’t for Edward Jenner who broke barriers and ideated the vaccine.

People tend to create a virtual barrier among themselves and have the fear to ideate. They think that it’s never been done before, so it can never be done in the future. Remember that many so called great minds were proven wrong. We never know that the greatest minds of today who do research worth millions of dollars might be proven wrong in the future. But that doesn’t stop the process of ideating. It’s taking a leap of positivity and belief everyday. A leap for a better idea. A hope.

So never let your imaginations die within your mind. Try do make something out of your creative side. Take the leap of belief and pursue it. Let it be anything. Nothing can be as right as your thinking. Even the world’s most dangerous people took their leap for a negative cause. Why can’t you do it for one small positive purpose ?

There are no great minds. It’s those little silly ideas which make a difference and become great ideas. As Albert Einstein said “If the idea is not absurd in the beginning, then there’s no hope for it.”

Have a ideated day ahead !


After the 4.4 KitKat, its now lingering in my mind what’s the next name for android OS will be. As per Google’s pattern of naming their OS ,the next OS should start with an L .
I,being an Indian am expecting something of an Indian dessert.
One such name is Laddu !! , the most famous dessert in India.

It will surely be one proud moment when we will be using a Indian dessert name ….. Like Android 5.0 Laddu 😀 Haha eagerly waiting.

The next generation delivery systems by amazon. Truly remarkable !

VentureBeat: Amazon’s next big innovation: ‘Prime Air’ drones for 30-minute deliveries.

According to amazon, now delivery of our orders will take just an hour  or maybe 30 minutes to reach our homes.

If this clicks on, this is gonna create a revolution in online shopping.