Kapoor and Sons | Review

Kapoor nd sons

When my dear room mate, Vamsi was bugging me to go for this movie, I was seriously not interested to go Kapoor and Sons. But it all changed after seeing it. Karan Johar’s production company, dharma Productions has the habit of making some beautiful moies and this would definitely be one of them.

First mention, the location. Connoor. Absolutely beautiful views. The movie clearly is a family one, where some of them have done mistakes in their lives and are not in a perfect rhythm. The whole story revolves around revealing the secrets of each members of the family and solving them. Not going much details, the most sensational acting was done by the legendary Rishi Kapoor. Phenomenal acting as the grand dad of the Kapoors family.

Yet another good role selection by Siddharth Malhotra. Well suited plot for him through out the movie. Fawad Khan comes up with a good movie after Khoobsoorat.

The director, Shakun Batra brought out a very good family atmosphere. In fact, a perfect one. A beautiful house with the everyday middle class family, a holistic family view was shown.

Since am new to writing movie reviews, i’ll be holding on to a positive side. Will be moulding into much more matured ones further. Do have your take and comment below how you think.