Hola people ! First of all thank you for your time in seeing my blog.

This space is totally based on my travel time ! ( No, i don’t mean time travel)

One of the most luckiest factor in my life was that my parents had a great interest in travel. And this interest inculcated in me when i started taking interest in traveling too. My father, who is a successful banker, had to transfer places every three years resulting in shifting my school every 3 years. Though it disturbed my education a lot, i had the chance of meeting a variety of people in the country.

Born in Hyderabad, brought up in rest of the places other than Hyderabad, i was studying my kindergarten in a village in adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. My kindergarten continued in Vishakhapatnam till my 4th grade when my dad got a crucial transfer… to Patna, Bihar. And that was one of my best times i had. Shifted to Vijayawada, during my 8th grade and Hyderabad during my college and here am back at Vizag, doing my engineering.

Apart from those hushy and frustrating transfer i had the oppurtunity to travel many part of the Indian sub-continent.

I had the privilege of going to The Chaar Dham Yatra  where i visited gangotri, yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath.

I had been to the South tour of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala when i was quite young.

The exclusive tour of Kerala, gods own country was perhaps my best experience of all.

I had been to Goa when i was a baby, perhaps the wrong timing to visit.

There are still many more to be listed out which i probably don’t even remember but these were the best of the tours in India.

Coming to the traveled places outside India, the tri-country tour of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand was scintillating.

The tour of Europe was awesome and truly a memorable one.

Had been to Nepal too, but i guess doesn’t make much of a count.

Now that i shared all this to you, i just wanna say that traveling is one of my greatest hidden fantasy. Because its one of those few times where you can find the wonders and creations of mother earth. Travelling places gives you a much better experience, a whole you change and most importantly …… You Grow UP, You gain a hell lot of experience. But i dont mean travelling will be a jolly time, you have to face some difficulties, infact quite often.

But as people say, you might want to taste the cream of the cake, but eating all the layers of it gives the real taste.



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