To become anything might be a walk in the park. You cane be anything mediocre if you don’t have a dream or a goal.

Once you start having goals means that you wanna be something. To wanna be something, you pay a price. You start giving your time and energy towards that something.

Don’t just do anything. Do something.


And Yes ….. It will be back …. Soon !

There comes the tide, There comes the bilss,

Filling the shore, with its magical glimpse,

Feel the joy, Feel your feet, in the water

But watch out below, as the tide pulls you

And down your feet go, beneath the shore

Meaning : Happiness is a wonderful thing, a great feeling, go grab as many moments as you can

But we watchful of whats next to come and take control of changes too. Cause if you don’t, the sea may swallow you.