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Do you know whats the most happiest thing to experience in this world ?? Its being yourself. That’s right…. when you be yourself, think yourself, do yourself, you get to actually **Experience The Experiment**

Friends, every thing you do is a part of an experiment which gives experience. Now, no one can predict your experience in anything unless and until you start feeling the joy or frustration or anger or awesomess …… that may be anything. So before i go ahead keep in mind one and only quote.

“Experience The Experiment”

Every life has tons of experiences to pen down as we recollect, there will be times when you cant forget an experience from your life, there may be experiences which you always want to remember, and the ones which you don’t want to remember.

And am sure reading my blog will be quite an experience for you.

From The Name !

A picture when i was young
A picture when i was young

I am Vineet Ganti, born on October 6th 1993 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Born to probably the best parents in the world who brought me to this planet, gave me a wonderful name, brought me up like no one else, truly special.

To be frank, i was never this open to the world, telling all my experiences like this, i was basically a timid boy and later on as i experienced different occurrences of my life, good and bad, my attitude gradually changed.

A picture with my Mom and dad
A picture with my Mom and dad

As a Child !

Coming to schooling, started my kindergarten in a village called Khanapur, somewhere in Adilabad district. i remember few of my experiences over they, childish ones tough. As i slowly grew up, so i changed my schools on and on. I’ll come to that later. Continued my kindergarten in Vizag, the city of destiny in SFS School. Loved those days when i was a kid, playing around, no worries, no tensions, no responsibilities, nothing . Luckily, i wasnt born in the age of social networking, i could see all my friends .. Physically, everyday.

For a Change !

What next came was quite of a transformation in my life. My father being and banker was transferred to the most deadliest state of India (so called) , Bihar. But honestly telling you people, had the best time of my life in Patna. The place was completely new to me. I, being a south Indian, learnt the basics of Hindi in the 4th grade in Vizag and over there , in Patna, i was told to read and write poetry in Hindi. Tears rolled out of my eyes for the first day at school, when no one is like you, no one who can even understand your mother tongue, it was like a total bizarre. I flunked in Hindi both inthe 5th and the 6th grade. But at last in the 10th grade i scored a 95% in Hindi. Was quite proud of it.

I left patna after my 7th grade, leaving all my good friends, my good times over there, the fabulous culture of the people over there, the community meetups. Ohh dis i mention about north Indian food ?? Especially Bihari ? It was lip smacking all the time 24×7.  From the Aloo Parathas, Gobi Parathas, the  paneer dishes, the famous Litti, i missed all of those and came down to Vijayawada.

Wrapping up Schooling !

And then came the crucial years of 8th, 9th and the 10th grade. I could finally boast myself at a point that i knew hindi apart from telugu and english and i kept it a secret that i cant read and write telugu, my own mother tongue. Those three years were best part of my schooling cause thats were i started hanging out with friends. I used to go to tutions early morning at 5am to learn maths from the best math teacher in town. People really loved his teaching. I woke up every day at 4am and we rode on bikes till the center. So on the way, we raced on highways, after tutions, we showed off our bike stunts to people around and ya, it was kind of a show off, but hey, i still remember that. I had the best time.

The Best School Memories !

This was the school where i passed out
This was the school where i passed out

Another most remembered memory is the dance competitions. I was fairly weak in dance but had a great interest in it. So it was during the teachers day celebrations and there was a dance competition, my friends were participating in it. They called me and told to perform as a guest appearance in dard-e-disco song which was really famous in those days. And when i entered the stage, i can still remember the sight of 3000 students seeing me and shouting with their top of their voices. Though my presence was for a limited time on the stage, adding me as a guest appearance fetched my group the first prize.

This was the crowd i was referring to
This was the crowd i was referring to

So whatever may be your experience in your life big or small, it alway leaves out many memories, so guys NEVER STOP EXPERIMENTING !

The Hell Phase !

I passed out from my school in 2009, joined intermediate board ,Narayana College in Hyderabad. And boy, no comments on it. Education in corporate colleges and almost like hell. You have no idea of what’s your purpose over there, all you listen from the lecturers is IIT, AIEEE, EAMCET and IPE. They were the entrance examinations for different engineering colleges in India. The top ones were IIT and NIT, which we thought that were more than impossible and never even thought of going into such things. The two years of intermediate studies were like total confusion.

Anyways, in Hyderabad, i had a really good company in my local community. People were real friendly in our neighborhood. We met frequently, partied, hanged out, it was real good.

The Drift of Change – Engineering !

And then came the turning point of my life, engineering. I was into GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, so i was back to my home town and currently living here. Engineering life has the the most influential part of my life which perhaps led to make a blog like this. I have a company, perhaps THE BEST friends of mine, i really love them a lot. We are group of 7 and we always stay together all the time. 3 of them are my class mates, we almost meet everyday for lunch or an evening snack, chit chat for long time till dark.

Coming to what all i did in my engineering, i was into robotics from the 1st year with my best buddy, my brother. We did all the stuff we can, we built two robots, we made our first website called discoveringandroid.com, which was shutdown. Disheartened by that, we later on co-founded a startup called “CrazyHeads”.

Apart from that i have a great interest in music and hence a band was formed; yes a band called “Shaurya”. The band consists some of my best buddies. We meet every week, jam, party, hang out and so on, we play whatever we feel good, be it anything.

I also tried my hand on poetry for some time. People luckily found it good and am glad for that.

I have a great great great passion for Game Designing. Am a beginner in it. I did some games which were fair enough to play. My friends, obviously inspired me everyday reminded of what i am, and that gave me a push to grow in my interest.

Now, you must be really really bored listen to all this. I hope you came to know a little about me. But as u know, every part of my life was an experiment and there’s nothing more philosophical meaning to that. So in a simple way i conclude this as

Experiment and Experience, Experience the Experiment”

(I hope the line made some sense :D)


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