A-Z about India’s most dominant biscuit !


It has saved many hungry souls, old and young, at noon or midnight, Parle-G bisciut is the best ever known snack for the masses over many decades. Started its production in 1929, to all the young souls, even you grandfathers had this biscuit, yes am talking about Parle-G. With its dominant market share of 70%, no one can beat this little packet of glucose biscuit. Lets look at its brand developing  journey.

1929 – The first biscuit of Parle’s Gluco biscuits was baked in India.

1947 – When British quit India, Parle announced independence from British biscuits with an ad campaign.

1980 – The biscuit was then rechristened as Parle-G , ‘G’ meant glucose.

1982 – The first commercial of Parle-G was on air.

1998 – The ad campaign was continued  tele world by India’s favourite superhero , Shaktimaan.

2001 – At the start of the new millennium, the brand’s packaging wen from wax paper to plastic.

2004 – ‘G’ meant Genius now

2013 – The latest ad as we see now as ‘Kal ke Genius’ was composed by Gulzar.

Now lets talk some facts about it…..

The NUmBers

— 192 number of times you can cover the earth’s circumference if you line up all the Parle-G biscuits consumed anually end to end.

— 5010 crore rupees worth biscuit sales registered by Parle-G as of 2012.

— 400 millon – The number of Parle-G packs that are produced daily.

— 6 million retail outlet stores that Parle-G is sold.

Other cool facts

— Parle-G is sold in different pack sizes in amazon

— Its the reason behind success in IT and outsourcing revolution.

— IIT-JEE aspirants eat each packet of Parle-G a day to qualify for it.

No wonder it has become a staple for many people out there, but this biscuit is sure one of the wonders.


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